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"To Trick-or-Treat or Not to Trick-or-Treat"

Written by
Shirley Gordon

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 30, 1969

Samantha is making Tabitha's Halloween costume. Tabitha is wondering what she will wear as a crown. Endora doesn't appreciate Halloween because she feels it hurts the cause of witches in the world. She sees many costumes for the holiday and asks Samantha what it is all about. Samantha says she is working for UNICEF and the costumes are for the children. Darrin and Endora have a fight. Darrin is currently involved in getting a new account and Samantha is worried that he is too tired to make the presentation. When Samantha sees a wart sprouting on Darrin's chin, she realizes Endora has cast a spell. Mr. Bartenbach, the client, doesn't like Darrin's presentation and he has no alternative plan. Darrin leaves the office and on his way home is stopped by a cop. He now looks like "Tiny Tim". The cop gives him a ticket. Endora is still angry with Samantha for celebrating Halloween. After Darrin tries to apologize to Endora, she leaves and removes the spell. The next day, Darrin presents a new idea to the client. Samantha, making a concession to Endora, halts her work for UNICEF but Mrs. Bartenbach is chairman of the local UNICEF Committee. To save the account for the firm, Darrin, Samantha, and the kids go out trick-or-treating for UNICEF. Endora finally realizes millions of hungry children are more important than her whims. Darrin uses a witch for the ad and gets the account.

Guest cast: Larry D. Mann as Bartenbach, Paul Sorensen as the cop, Judy March as Mrs. Bartenbach, Jeanne Sorel as Mrs. Townsend, Jean Blake as Betty.

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