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"Naming Samantha's New Baby"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 23, 1969

Darrin's parents, Phyllis and Frank, are coming to see the new baby, Frank, when Endora announces that Samantha's father, Maurice is breathing fire because the baby was not named for him. The Stephens arrive and, with Endora, are admiring the baby when there is a rumble, walls and furniture shake, and an irate Maurice arrives. Maurice casts a spell, which gets the others out of the house while he argues with Samantha and Darrin about the name When Darrin flatly refuses any change, Maurice puts him under a spell and freezes him into the hall mirror. On returning, his parents are astounded to see Darrin in the mirror. Samantha explains that Maurice has invented a photo-mirror that retains an image. Intrigued by its money-making possibilities, Frank has a long talk with Maurice and casually mentions he hates the name "Frank." Later, Maurice releases Darrin and reveals his father's dislike of the name. Samantha and Darrin point out that if the baby is named "Maurice", his playmates will call him "Mercy", a nickname Maurice despises. Pretending to dislike the name "Adam", Darrin gets Maurice to agree to it. Frank returns, disappointed to find Darrin's image faded from the mirror - it won't be a money-maker after all.

Guest cast: None.

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