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"And Something Makes Four"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Oct. 16, 1969

Although Samantha is calm, collected and waiting with suitcase In hand to go to the hospital to give birth, it is Darrin who is having complications - the nervous type. Darrin's dilemma is further complicated by Samantha's eerie father, Maurice, who is ready to play grandpa even before his daughter delivers. Another nervous father-to-be, Ralph Davis, is somewhat embittered when, after his six hour vigil, Darrin's baby arrives first. It's a boy and Grandpa Maurice wants to make sure everybody likes him. So he casts a spell on all who gaze at the new baby. Even after Davis' child is born, he is mesmerized by the Stephens' child. Larry Tate, also under the influence, insists that the child is photographically perfect for the new label on Busby's Baby Foods. Despite Samantha and Darrin's negative reception of the idea, Larry proceeds to bring in a camera crew for the "test" screening. When Endora arrives to see her new grandchild, she reminds her daughter that the baby's publicity might not fare well with the Witches Council - still brewing over Samantha's marriage to a mortal. Samantha blackmails her father, in a nice way, to uncast his spell to keep peace with the witches up above and her husband here on Earth.

Guest cast: Art Metrano as Ralph Davis, Gordon De Vol as Paikowski, Bobo Lewis as the delivery room nurse, John Hiestand as Mr. Busby, Marguerite Ray as the second delivery room nurse, Pat Priest [The Munsters] as the day supervisor, Kay Elliot as the night supervisor, Robert Gros as Mr. Johnson, Stefani Warren as the admissions nurse.

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