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"Samantha's Curious Cravings"

Written by
Fred Freeman,
Lawrence J. Cohen
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 9, 1969

Samantha discovers that food pops in when she just thinks of it. She can't explain the chop suey and melon that appear in Dr. Anton's office. Endora summons Dr. Bombay who pronounces Samantha cured after a weird examination and treatment. However, Samantha suddenly finds herself in a delicatessen and realizes she now goes to the food. To cover her absence from Larry Tate's party, Darrin implies that Samantha is at the hospital to have the baby. Then Samantha thinks the baby really is coming and there is a mad dash to the hospital. She pops out just as a cop stops Darrin for speeding and he can't explain her absence. Hot dog in hand, Samantha phones Darrin from a ball game. Dr. Bombay has a strange encounter with Dr. Anton. Diagnosing that Samantha has had a false alarm, Dr. Anton sends the Stephens home. However, Larry asks them to pretend the baby has been born, because he landed a huge account in honor of the new arrival.

Guest cast: William Schallert as Dr. Anton, Tommy Davis as the motorcycle cop, John Lawrence as the man in bed.

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