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"Twitching for UNICEF"
(AKA: "Samantha Twitches for UNICEF")

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 27, 1969

Mrs. Wehmeyer, local UNICEF chairman, asks Samantha to help raise funds. Her first assignment is to get Mr. Haskell to make good on his $10,000 pledge. Larry Tate feels that Haskell changed his mind because he plans to marry singer Lila Layton, a very expensive young lady. Haskell orders Samantha to leave his mansion and never show her face again. Angry, Samantha pops up everywhere, finally as a moosehead on his office wall. When Haskell consults a psychiatrist, Dr. Chomsky, Samantha pops in, followed by Endora. Haskell reports that his hallucination just left with her mother. The doctor feels he's really a case. Lila refuses to help Samantha collect the pledge. Then Endora and Samantha find that Lila expects to keep up her affair with Bruce after she is Mrs. Haskell. Learning that she talked Haskell out of keeping his pledge, Endora sprinkles truth salts on Lila's food. When Lila can't help revealing her date with Bruce, Haskell breaks with her. However, Haskell still refuses to give Samantha a check feeling she doesn't really exist. Samantha feels defeated until Mrs. Wehmeyer reveals Haskell brought his check, asking if she ever saw a blonde conscience.

Guest cast: Herbert Voland as Haskell, Bernie Kopell as Dr. Chomsky, Sharon Vaughn as Lila Layton, Sara Seeger as Mrs. Wehmeyer, Rosemary Eliot as the first lady, Kay Elliot as the second lady, Judy March as the third lady, Frank Jamus as Bruce, Jean Blake as the secretary, Howard Dayton as Murdock, Jack Griffin as the waiter.

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