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"Samantha's Power Failure"

Lila Garrett,
Bernie Kahn
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 20, 1969

Endora brings an order from the Witches' Council that Samantha give up Darrin. As Endora warned, Samantha loses her magic when she refuses. Uncle Arthur and Cousin Serene, pledging their loyalty, also lose their powers. They assure Samantha they'll do fine as mere mortals and plan to get jobs to prove it. Serena finds an ad for unskilled help in an ice cream factory. The manager, Buck, sets them to work at a conveyor belt near a picture window, where passersby can watch them coating bananas with chocolate. When Buck makes a pass at Serena, she rebuffs him. In revenge, he speeds up the belt. Unable to keep up, Arthur and Serena engage Buck in battle with globs of chocolate, delighting the huge crowd. Although Endora advises Samantha to give in, she pleads her case before the Council. Pointing to Salem where the innocent were condemned, she admits the Witches' Council Is repeating the evil. Sure she has failed, Samantha leaves, but later, all three find their magic has returned. Samantha tells Endora never to underestimate the power of a witch in love.

Guest cast: Ron Masak as Buck.

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