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"The Battle of Burning Oak"

Writers by
Pauline and Leo Townsend
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: March 13, 1969

J. Earl Rockeford, chairman of the board of the exclusive Burning Oak Country Club, offers to propose Darrin for membership. Larry becomes apoplectic at the thought of losing an important client when Darrin refuses. The Stephens reconsider and decide to give the club a chance. When Samantha argues that the club will not turn Darrin into a snob, Endora becomes annoyed and casts a spell on him. The screening committee for wives, headed by Hortense Rockeford, impresses Samantha that the club must be preserved for purebred Americans. They turn chilly when they learn Samantha does her own housework. Samantha becomes aware of changes in Darrin and realizes her mother is responsible. She asks Aunt Hagatha to check on the club members. Endora returns and finally removes Darrin's spell. Sure they'll be turned down, the Stephens demand that the club invite "common people" to join. Samantha reveals the humble ancestry of some of the members and that others were on the shady side of the law. She declares they came to America to escape the prejudices the club is trying to preserve. However, the Stephens learn later that Larry has secured the Rockeford account and the club has revised its membership rules. Even Endora apologizes to Darrin in skywriting.

Guest cast: Edward Andrews as J. Earle Rockeford, Glenda Farrell as Hortense Rockeford, Harriet MacGibbon as Jessica, Doreen McLean as Hagatha, June Vincent as Cynthia, Mauritz Hugo as Mr. Monteagle, Harry Stanton as Mr. Morton.

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