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"Tabitha's Weekend "

Peggy Chantler Dick,
Douglas Dick
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: March 6, 1969

Darrin's mother is jealous because Samantha allows Endora to take Tabitha to the zoo, but won't let her take Tabitha to the museum. Samantha confides to Endora that she's worried about Tabitha using her witchcraft. To soothe Mrs. Stephens' hurt feelings, Darrin's father asks that Tabitha be allowed to spend a weekend at their home. Samantha reluctantly agrees and goes along. Telling Tabitha she can do things she isn't allowed to do at home, Mrs. Stephens shows Tabitha her mynah bird, Black Bart, who speaks a little. Mrs. Stephens is annoyed when Endora pops in. Tabitha uses her magic and Black Bart surprises Mrs. Stephens with his conversation. In the midst of an argument, Tabitha suddenly disappears. Endora is sure that Tabitha feels responsible for the quarrel and has turned herself into something small to observe the grown-ups. Mr. and Mrs. Stephens question their sanity as Samantha and Endora go around talking to bowls and other things searching for Tabitha. Samantha sees a cookie smiling and realizing it is Tabitha, quickly makes her return to normal. Mrs. Stephens decides to take a cruise to recover when Tabitha announces she's just come back from being a cookie.

Guest cast: None.

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