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"Samantha the Sculptress"

Written by
Doug Tibbles

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Feb. 6, 1969

When Darrin explodes to find Tabitha sculpturing, using magic, Endora zaps him into eating decorative daisies. Samantha gets Endora to remove the spell and decides to learn sculpturing. At the office, Darrin and Larry confer with client W.R. Campbell, who insists on a drink before business. Later, in no shape to do business with Campbell, who holds the liquor better, Larry suggests dinner at the Stephens. Darrin goes home first and criticizes the impressionistic bust Samantha made. Before leaving, Endora flicks the bust into a living likeness of Darrin, which sticks out his tongue and begins to talk. After Larry admires it, Samantha tries to keep him from seeing it yawn. Campbell arrives and the drinking resumes, although Larry and Darrin try to get down to business. Endora twitches up a bust of Larry. When it talks to the statue of Darrin, Larry and Campbell think it is an alcoholic mirage. Darrin feels Samantha is at fault, but she holds him to blame for being rude to Endora. Before he can apologize, Endora pops the statues into the den. As Darrin, oblivious, talks business, Larry and Campbell stare at the statue mimicking him. Campbell quickly signs the contract. Endora is disgusted at Darrin's thanks for helping to get the account. Samantha and Darrin are stunned when the statues demand sandwiches.

Guest cast: Cliff Norton as Campbell.

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