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"Samantha the Bard"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Jan. 30, 1969

Samantha finds herself rhyming involuntarily. Failing to reach Dr. Bombay, she calls her mother, who thinks it is Venetian verbal virus, a one day illness. To be safe, Endora goes for medicine from Bombay. Darrin learns they are invited to dinner with the Tates, and a client, Mr. Durfee and his wife. Abner Kravitz thinks Samantha's rhyming is a new game, and she uses this as an alibi. Endora returns with Dr. Bombay, who diagnoses Samantha's illness as secondary vocabularyitis. He gives her an injection of sound waves with a tuning fork. At dinner, Samantha has a relapse. Having used jingles for years, Durfee is reluctant to change his advertising. Larry warns Samantha to stop rhyming. Learning that Dr. Bombay is skiing on Mt. Everest, Samantha zaps off for a booster shot. Dr. Bombay sounds his tuning fork and sets off an avalanche. At the dinner, Durfee is unconvinced that jingles are passe. Then Samantha returns and announces she spoke in rhyme, to prove how irritating it can be. Durfee asks Larry and Darrin to plan a new campaign. At home, finding that Endora has caught Samantha's illness, Darrin gloats. Endora promptly turns him into a billy goat until she is cured.

Guest cast: Larry D. Mann as Oscar Durfee, Sara Seegar as Edna Durfee, Dick Wilson as the customer.

Guest cast: None

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