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"Samantha's Super Maid"

Peggy Chantler Dick,
Douglas Dick
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Jan. 2. 1969

Feeling that Samantha needs time to cultivate people who might help Darrin's career, Mrs. Stephens persuades her reluctant daughter-in-law to hire a maid. The first applicant turns down the job when she learns about Tabitha, but Amelia, plump and sweet, can't be put off, even with Samantha's description of her demands. Darrin and Samantha knows its dangerous to have a maid, with all the witchcraft - including Tabitha's - going on. However, Amelia is so devoted that neither can fire her. While Amelia is out, Samantha confides her problem to Endora, who whips up a violent storm, spreading chaos throughout the house. Then Mrs. Stephens arrives with the very social Mrs. Otis. Samantha declares that Amelia loves challenges and will set things right in no time. When Mrs. Otis gets a glint in her eye, Samantha adds that Amelia is a marvelous cook, and uses witchcraft to make everything perfect. Mrs. Otis tries to lure Amelia away but she refuses, insisting she's never been so happy. However, when Amelia reveals she's putting her son through college, Mrs. Otis doubles her salary offer. Before Amelia can refuse, Samantha zaps her into accepting the job with Mrs. Otis, and smiles with satisfaction.

Guest cast: Nellie Burt as Amelia, Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Leslie Otis, Nora Marlowe as Mrs. Harper.

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