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"Weep No More, My Willow"

Written by
Michael Morris

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Dec. 19, 1968
Originally Sponsored by Kodak

Gladys Kravitz gets the neighbors to petition for the removal of the willow tree Darrin gave Samantha when Tabitha was born. Samantha summons Dr. Bombay, the witches' physician. He chants a spell to restore the ailing tree and make it weep with every breeze. The incantation goes awry and instead, Samantha weeps. Gladys sees Darrin getting into his car with Elaine Hanson, an attractive new neighbor, and is sure the Stephens' marriage is breaking up. She phones Darrin at the office over her husband's objections. Larry Tate overhears and concludes that Darrin is at fault, especially when he rushes home. After much weeping, Dr. Bombay answers Samantha's call and reverses the spell. Darrin arrives to find Samantha and Larry laughing hysterically. Larry leaves and Darrin joins in Samantha's contagious laughter. Gladys is proud to have saved the Stephens' marriage. Samantha calls Dr. Bombay again and the lumberjack coming to chop down the tree finds it flourishing.

Guest cast: Paul Sorensen as the lumberjack, Sharon Vaughn as Elaine Hanson, Vincent Ferry as Mr. Stewart, Jean Blake as the secretary.

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