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"Samantha's French Pastry"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 14, 1968

Expecting the Tates for dinner, Samantha bakes a cake but her Uncle Arthur ruins it by popping up in the oven. He tries to produce a Napoleon for dessert. Instead, his magic goes awry and the Emperor himself appears. Uncle Arthur can't reverse the spell and Napoleon agrees to pose as Samantha's Cousin Henri from Paris. Napoleon is attracted to Louise and she responds to his continental manner. Larry, realizing that "Cousin Henri" resembles Napoleon, asks him to appear in a TV commercial. Hearing it will make him world famous, Napoleon sees it as a second chance against England. He silences Samantha's protests by threatening to expose her as witch. Uncle Arthur pops up at the TV studio, making a TV technician swear off liquor. Napoleon, nervous, muffs the commercial and Mr. Bradley, the sponsor, feels he's wrong for the part. When Napoleon insist she's the emperor, Bradley thinks everybody needs a psychiatrist. He threatens to take his account elsewhere and Larry holds Darrin responsible. At home, defeated again, Napoleon wants to leave but Uncle Arthur can't reverse the spell. Then Samantha accidentally utters the right words and the emperor disappears in a puff of smoke. Later, Mr. Bradley approves Darrin's new commercial. Then Uncle Arthur pops up in the oven again.

Guest cast: Henry Gibson as Napoleon, Dort Clark as the boom man, J. Edward McKinley as H.L. Bradley.

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