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"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"

Lila Garrett,
Bernie Kahn
Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Nov. 7, 1968
Originally Sponsored by Kodak

After Samantha argues that Darrin is not vain, Endora zaps him and he becomes the most self-centered man in the world. Dickering for the conservative Hascomb account, Larry assures its president that Darrin respects all the old virtues. Darrin arrives wearing love beads and Hascomb starts to leave. Larry persuades him to delay his final decision. Darrin won't believe that he's under Endora's spell. Entranced by his own reflection Darrin falls into a pool at a cocktail meeting with Hascomb. Dressing for dinner at Larry's, Darrin is angry when Samantha twitches up a dress to match his dazzling outfit, but is placated by his own mirrored reflection in her sequined dress. Larry vies to keep Darrin and Samantha out but they push past him. Hascomb refuses to put his company's image in the hands of a middle-aged hippie. However, Mrs. Hascomb, intrigued by the Stephens' outfits, is won over by Samantha's argument that the company should go after the younger market. Larry is impressed by Samantha's explanation that the Stephens adopted mod garb to convince Hascomb. Even after Endora removes the spell, Larry insists that Darrin continue, since the agency sold many new clients because of its handling of the Hascomb account.

Guest cast: Herbert Voland as Mr. Hascomb, Sara Seegar as Mrs. Hascomb.

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