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"It's So Nice to Have a Spouse Around the House"

Written by
Barbara Avedon

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 24, 1968

Endora tells Samantha that as Queen of the Witches, she is to preside over a council meeting that day. Samantha refuses but changes her mind when Darrin is briefly turned into a statue. Unaware of the event, Darrin won't allow Samantha to carry out her royal duties. Desperate, Samantha summons her look-alike cousin, Serena, as her stand-in. Serena and Endora panic when Tabitha recognizes Serena. To prevent her from telling her father, Endora takes Tabitha to the zoo. Angry, Darrin goes to a bar and has a strange conversation with a drunk. Larry advises Darrin to take Samantha for a second honeymoon. At home Darrin apologizes and takes Serena for a drive. She is alarmed by Darrin's affectionate advances and panics when she learns he arranged a weekend at Moonthatch Inn, where the Stephens spent their honeymoon. Although Madame Wageir arranges everything as it was, Serena's coolness convinces Darrin his wife is still angry. Samantha worries when she learns where Serena and Darrin were. Light dawns when Tabitha mentions that Serena was there that morning. Darrin reminiscences about the day makes Samantha miserable until a question about the meeting makes her realize he knows what happened. Then he suggests they go back to Moonthatch Inn together.

Guest cast: Fifi D'Orsay, as Madame Wageir, Dick Wilson as the drunk.

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