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"Darrin Gone! And Forgotten?"

Lila Garrett,
Bernie Kahn
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 17, 1968
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet/Kodak

Darrin vanishes and Samantha holds Endora responsible. Then Carlotta, a witch, reveals that eons before, Endora promised Samantha to her son Juke. Samantha protests that she's already married to Darrin. Carlotta replies he's only a mortal and doesn't count. She turns on the TV to show Darrin running from the roar of wild beasts. Carlotta explains there are no beasts but Darrin will be running forever if Samantha doesn't marry Juke. Samantha is forced to agree because Endora is powerless against Carlotta. Juke, a hag-ridden warlock in a little boy suit, confesses he doesn't want to marry Samantha, but is afraid of his mother. Samantha encourages him to stand up for himself but he can't. Samantha tells Carlotta she will marry Juke because mortal marriage was a strain. Juke follows Samantha's instructions to defy Carlotta, and a tug of war ensues over him. Samantha criticizes Juke's clothes and zaps him into a hippy outfit. Furious, Carlotta zaps back the prep suit. Samantha zaps back Juke's hippy outfit and adds long hair. When Juke sides with Samantha, Carlotta calls off the wedding but Samantha insist its on. Capitulating, Carlotta agrees to let Juke lead his own life and pops Darrin back home, unaware of all that happened. Later Endora brings a letter from Juke, announcing his marriage and inviting Samantha to visit, if his wife consents.

Guest cast: Mercedes McCambridge as Carlotta, Steve Franken as Juke.

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