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"Samantha on the Keyboard"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: Oct. 10, 1968

Endora buys Tabitha a toy piano and uses witchcraft to make her play like a virtuoso. When Darrin disapproves, Samantha accepts his challenge to learn the piano without witchcraft, taking lessons from Johann Sebastian Monroe. He heats Tabitha playing, with Endora's help, and acclaims her a child prodigy. However, Samantha and Darrin declare they want Tabitha to have a normal childhood and reject a musical career for her. To take Monroe's mind off Tabitha, Samantha resolves to find a talented pupil for him. She follows the vibrations of distant music to a high school, and finds young Mathew Williams, the janitor's son, playing Liszt. Monroe brings Maestro Alfredo Ferranini, world famous conductor, to hear Tabitha. The maestro is furious when Tabitha, without benefit of witchcraft, produces only random thumpings. Samantha reveals they deliberately discouraged him for Tabitha's sake, but have a real child prodigy for him. The maestro and Monroe take over Mathew's career. Darrin praises Samantha for playing a song without witchcraft. When Tabitha expertly plays a small violin, Darrin is astonished, but Samantha scolds Endora.

Guest cast: Jonathan Harris [Lost in Space] as Johann Sebastian Monroe, Fritz Feld as Maestro Ferranini, Arthur Adams as Mr. Williams.

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