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"Samantha Goes South For a Spell"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 3, 1968

Samantha's cousin Serena turns Malcolm, a warlock, into a mynah bird because he made a play for her concealing the fact that he was married. Brunhilde, Malcolm's wife, thinks Samantha is the "other woman", and sends her back to the town of old New Orleans of 1868. There Aunt Jenny finds her wandering around, not knowing who she is. She takes her to the home of her handsome young master, Rance. Serena tells Darrin that if he can reach Samantha and kiss her, she will return with him to the present. Warning that Samantha won't recognize him, Serena sends Darrin to find Samantha. Rance falls in love with Samantha and begs her to many him. However, she refuses because she doesn't know who she is. Darrin finally locates Samantha, but she doesn't know him and won't allow him to kiss her. Rance throws him out, threatening to horsewhip him if he returns. After a few bumps and bruises, Darrin manages to climb the trellis to Samantha's room. Rance finds him and challenges him to a duel. His saber rips Darrin's sleeve. Samantha thinks he's wounded and kisses him, remembering everything. Back home, Darrin thinks it was all a dream until he feels a bruise. Realizing the duel was real, he faints.

Guest cast: Jack Cassidy as Rance Butler, Isabel Sanford as Aunt Jenny, Barbara Monison as Brunhilde, Clarke Gordon as Malcolm.

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