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"Samantha's Wedding Present"

Written by
Bernard Slade

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 26, 1968
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

While giving Samantha a belated wedding present, Endora decides to make peace with Darrin. However, she becomes furious when he forbids her to use witchcraft around his home. Darrin refuses to apologize and Endora storms out, muttering threats. The next day at the office, Darrin starts shrinking and rushes home while he can still reach the pedals of his car. Gladys Kravitz, who has acquired a huge dog, reacts when she sees Darrin, who has continued to shrink, walking by. When Gladys' dog comes into the house, Darrin takes refuge in a cup and then in a liquor bottle. The dog sits down to wait. Unable to find Darrin, Samantha is terrified that the dog has eaten him. The bottle is tossed into the trash and carted off to the dump. Samantha finally makes Endora appear but neither can find Darrin. Meanwhile a drunk finds the liquor bottle and decides Darrin is a leprechaun. He agrees to free him if he grants three wishes, or crush him if he doesn't. Darrin persuades the drunk to take him home where Samantha twitches up the wishes: new specs, new clothes and a Shetland pony. Back to normal, Darrin exchanges formal apologies with his mother-in-law.

Guest cast: Dick Wilson as Frank O'Hara, Jack Griffin as the trash collector, Art Metrano as the assistant trash collector.

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