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Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: May 16, 1968

Gladys Kravitz, in curlers and pajamas, decides to leave her husband in the middle of the night. When Samantha invites her in, Gladys is fearful but makes herself at home. Darrin is anxious to get rid of Gladys, a health faddist. Samantha feels the Kravitzes will get back together but Abner shows no signs of it. After one of Gladys' dinners, Darrin sends Samantha to work on Abner. She finds him in the middle of a mess, happily playing poker. Darrin announces that if Giadys doesn't leave, he will. In desperation, he allows Samantha to use witchcraft. To make Abner jealous, Samantha casts a spell over Mr. Hogersdorf, the butcher. Bewildered, he interrupts Gladys' calisthenics to declare his affection. Samantha summons Abner, who wishes Hogersdorf luck but reminds Gladys of his years of sacrifice. She reveals her queer regimen and diet was only to make herself attractive to him. Understanding, Abner embraces Gladys and sends the butcher away. Back in his shop, with the spell removed, Hogersdorf doesn't know what happened. The Kravitzes go home and Samantha asserts love is stronger than witchcraft. Later, bearing a present of wheat germ oil, Gladys spots a gorilla Tabitha conjured up. When she screams for Abner, the Stephens know everything is back to normal.

Guest.cast: Arthur Julian as Hogersdorf, John J. Fox as Fred, Dort Clark as Dave.

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