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"Man of the Year"

Written by
John L. Greene
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: May 2, 1968

After the Hucksters Club names Darrin one of the Advertising Men of the Year, Samantha insists it won't go to his head. Endora casts a magic circle around Darrin. Everyone in range, beginning with his secretary, is charmed. Out of range, they can't understand it. A difficult client, O.J. Slocum, swings in and out of the magic circle, between wild enthusiasm and doubt. Larry is puzzled too. Samantha thinks Darrin's ideas are vapid but he's sure he's just beginning to be appreciated and on the brink of success. Aboard Mr. McMann's yacht, the senior partner is charmed. After Darrin leaves, he doesn't know why. Although Samantha suspects the truth, Endora denies she put a spell on Darrin. Larry resents Darrin's success with McMann but is bewildered as he moves in and out of Darrin's circle of charm. At the Tate's cocktail party, McMann introduces Mr. GiIbert and Mr. Angel. Darrin presents ad slogans which everyone except Samantha says are great. Mr. Ramser holds out a career in politics to Darrin, who envisions himself as President. Samantha realizes that Endora put a spell around Darrin, not on him, and makes her remove it. Darrin maintains his ideas are brilliant, until Samantha repeats them. At the office, Darrin finds he's lost his magnetism, but everyone still likes his mediocre slogans. He asks Samantha to put back the spell temporarily and charms his clients into accepting good ideas. After Samantha removes the spell, Darrin insists he must have a talent for persuasion, because she married him. Samantha agrees as they kiss.

Guest cast: Roland Winters as McMann, George Ives as Slocum, Lindsay Workman as Mr. Angel, Bill Quinn as Gilbert, Byron Merrow as Ramser, Jill Foster as Miss Willis, Pat O'Hara.

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