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"The No-Harm Charm"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
Russell B. Mayberry

Airdate: April 25, 1968

Elated by Darrin's brilliant brochure for the multimillion Omega Bank, Larry plans to make him a full partner. But the brochure appears with the bank's assets listed as $100. Larry holds Darrin responsible and suggests he go on sick leave. Convinced that Endora is responsible for the mess, Darrin takes to his bed. When Samantha's Uncle Arthur, a practical joker, visits, Darrin gives up completely, but Uncle Arthur persuades Darrin he's on his side and gives him a lucky charm for protection. After he tests it, Darrin is convinced he's immune to witchcraft and other disasters. Darrin resolves to salvage the Omega account. When Samantha learns that Uncle Arthur, using psychology, gave Darrin a lamp finial, she hovers over Darrin, invisible, and saves him from several narrow escapes. Darrin persuades Larry to let him turn the goof into a humorous ad campaign humanizing the bank, and goes to see Mr. Markham. He's about to be thrown out when a gun man, impersonating a guard, stages a holdup. Darrin, with faith in his lucky charm, unnerves the robber with his cool and disarms him. Impressed, Markham keeps his account with Darrin's agency. Reading accounts of his exploits, Darrin explains the robber had no confidence and displays his lucky charm. When Samantha screws it back on the lamp, Darrin keels over in a dead faint.

Guest cast: Vaughn Taylor as Markham, Susan Tolsky as the secretary, Tamar Cooper as the lady driver, Paul Smith as the guard.

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