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"Samantha's Secret Saucer"

Jerry Mayer,
Paul L. Friedman
Directed by
Richard Michaels

Airdate: April 18, 1968
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

Aunt Clara is minding Tabitha, who is playing with a flying saucer. The toy flies outside and Aunt Clara zips it back, but it is a real spaceship and she can't shrink it. Inside, spacemen Alpha and Orvis discuss their plight. Later, Samantha tells Darrin she can't undo Aunt Clara's spell and he threatens to use a saw. Panicky, the spacemen ready their N guns. At dawn, Gladys Kravitz spots the saucer and, despite Abner's scoffing, phones the Air Force. Col. Charles Burkett and his nephew, Capt. Tugwell feel Gladys is a nut but come to check. Darrin is relieved when they accept his story about promoting a new toy but later screams for Samantha when he sees Alpha and Orvis. Samantha pops into the saucer and talks family with the spacemen, explaining that Aunt Clara is a witch, and offers them breakfast. Gladys and Tugwell spot the spacemen. She tries to stop them but Alpha sends her into a happy trance. Tugwell finds Gladys picking flowers, denying everything. Aunt Clara zaps the spacemen back as Burkett arrives. Tugwell can't produce his floppy-eared men. Gladys hands him a tulip, scolding him not to make fun of actors. Later, Darrin muses he'd like an N gun to use on his mother-in-law.

Guest cast: Hamilton Camp as Alpha, Steve Granken as Orvis, Larry D. Mann as Col. Burkett, Cliff Potter as Dan Peabody, Arthur Adams as Dr. Gwynne, Johnny Silver as John Brenner, Alex Gerry as Dr. Maurice Zelman, Bill Welsh as the announcer, Eldon Quick as Capt. Tugwell.

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