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"I Confess"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
Seymour Robbie

Airdate: April 4, 1968
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

Displeased when Samantha discourages a drunk by witchcraft, Darrin declares Samantha should disclose she's a witch, so she sends him into a dream. At first Larry won't believe she's a witch. When she demonstrates her powers, he suggests she help him seize control of the world. Darrin won't allow Samantha to use her powers for gain and Larry fires him. Samantha does tricks to convince the Kravitzes. Although Gladys' suspicions are confirmed, she is frightened despite Samantha's assurances that she never harms anybody. As the dream continues, Darrin is mobbed when the Kravitzes sell tickets and popcorn. Samantha refuses everybody, including Mickey Mantle and an actor who wants to be President. Darrin can't get a job and Tabitha's friends won't play with her because Samantha won't use her witchcraft. Gen. Stanton and Agent W report public demands that the Stephens be burned as witches. Samantha refuses when they ask her to use magic in the country's defense. She is shocked when Darrin insists she will. The Stephens are interned by the Army. Darrin pleads to get out as Samantha and Tabitha are taken for interrogation. Samantha ends his dream and sends him into peaceful sleep. The next morning, Samantha dramatically proclaims her intention to confess she's a witch. Darrin protests and Samantha asks why he changed his mind. She smiles as Darrin says "he slept on it."

Guest cast: Woodrow Parfrey as Gen. Stanton, Herb Ellis as Agent W, Dick Wilson as the drunk.

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