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Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Mar. 21, 1968

Expecting Darrin's mother, Samantha tries to warn Tabitha against using witchcraft, but she doesn't understand. Mrs. Stephens takes them to visit Gretchen Millhowser so Tabitha can play with little Michael. Their house is a mess because Gretchen, spouting child psychology, allows Michael to be completely destructive. Michael bullies Tabitha and they fight over a toy. Tabitha cages Michael but removes it before their mothers answer his yell. When Michael wishes he was a dog who could bite Tabitha, she turns him into a bulldog. As he barks and Tabitha points, Samantha realizes what happened. She talks Gretchen out of sending him to the pound when he snaps at her. The dog follows Gretchen around as she searches for Michael. Tabitha can't change him back. Samantha stalks the dog who digs up a neighbor's flowers. She twitches up a badge, explaining she's a lady dogcatcher. Back at the house, Tabitha succeeds in bringing Michael back. When he insists Tabitha made him a dog, Gretchen thinks he's lying and loses patience. Realizing she was too permissive, she orders Michael to clean up. He orders Tabitha to leave and gets a whack from his mother. Mrs. Stephens asks about the dog and Samantha replies he finally heard his master's voice. Back at the Stephens', Samantha prevents Mrs. Stephens from seeing the toy bunny Tabitha brought to life. She tells Darrin she had a routine morning and pops out her dogcatcher's badge.

Guest cast: Peggy Pope as Gretchen, Teddy Quinn as Michael.

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