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"To Twitch or Not to Twitch"

Lila Garrett,
Bernie Kahn
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Mar. 14, 1968

As Darrin rushes Samantha to an unexpected dinner party, they argue when she uses witchcraft to get dressed. Darrin also has words with Endora, who is minding Tabitha, about witchcraft. In the car, after informing Samantha that everyone copes without witchcraft, and forbidding her to use it, Darrin finds he has a flat tire. Samantha won't help and he has to change it in the rain. Darrin arrives dripping at the home of Dwight Sharpe, a new client. He is forced to change into Sharpe's clothes, much too small. Sharpe and Darrin exchange sarcasm about each other's height and the evening is a fiasco. Samantha and Darrin resume arguing on the way home. It ends with Samantha vanishing with Tabitha. At the office next morning, Darrin is upset. Sharpe arrives, apologizes and extends another dinner invitation to the Tates and the Stephens. Darrin tries to sidestep, but Larry won't let him, feeling a $500,000 account is at stake. As Endora sits on a cloud rocking Tabitha, Samantha misses Darrin. He wanders about the house calling her, and they makeup. He promises dinner for two that night. Samantha wills Larry to phone and she agrees to dinner at the Sharpes to set matters right. Then she and Darrin each try to take the blame again. On the way, Darrin, having checked the tires, finds he's out of gas. Samantha twitches up a gas station.

Guest cast: Margaret Muse as Mrs. Sharpe, Jean Blake as the secretary, Donald Journeaux as the butler, Arthur Julian as Mr. Sharpe.

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