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Written by
James Henerson

Directed by
Paul Davis

Airdate: Dec. 15, 1968
Originally Sponsored by Quaker Oats

While Darrin is working late, Aunt Clara tells Samantha her old boy friend Ocky, a warlock, posing as Lord Ockham, has opened a hotel in an old castle in England. However, McTavish, the ancestral ghost, is ruining business by scaring Ocky's guests. Reluctantly Samantha agrees to help Ocky. Samantha chases the elusive ghost, clanking his chains and laughing eerily, all over the castle. Darrin's mother, one of the terrified guests, tells her incredulous husband she saw Samantha, and phones Darrin. McTavish finally materializes and sets about terrifying Samantha with his removable head. Unimpressed, Samantha suggests he find a more comfortable place to haunt and he'd be in great demand in America. Darrin's mother finds Samantha but sees McTavish and faints. Samantha pops back home to find Darrin, somewhat high, philosophizing that she can't be just an ordinary housewife. He is scared silly as McTavish appears, declares he has taken Samantha's suggestion and will now haunt the Stephens. Darrin's parents fly home to see Samantha. Ocky pops in to beg McTavish to come back because the guests miss him. Ocky agrees to McTavish's demands for central heating, air conditioning and plastic chains. Just as Samantha reassures Darrin's parents, Aunt Clara appears with a 15th century portrait of McTavish.

Guest cast: Reginald Owen as Ocky, Ronald Long as McTavish, R.N. Bullard as the TV actor.

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