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"A Prince for a Day" (Later known as "A Prince of A Guy")

Written by
Ed Jurist
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: Feb. 8, 1968
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

Tabitha wants to know what happened after Prince Charming married the Sleeping Beauty and brings the Prince to life. Samantha is entertaining Larry and Louise Tate, Darrin's eager cousin, Helen, and her reluctant boy friend, Ralph, at dinner. Tabitha can't send the Prince back. Endora alerts Samantha, who twitches him into modern clothes and presents him as her cousin Charlie, an actor. A figment of witchcraft, the Prince charms Helen and Louise. Piqued when Helen has eyes only for the Prince, Ralph leaves. The next day Larry arrives to hire the Prince for a TV cosmetic commercials, because he's irresistible to women. He sets up an audition, knowing the client' s wife will be there. Endora reveals the Prince can't be photographed because he has no substance. Samantha rushes to the studio to stop the audition. When the Prince projects no image, the camera crew thinks it's a technical difficulty and postpones the audition. Back at the house, Samantha tries to send the Prince back before Darrin comes home. Because he wants to stay, the spell doesn't work. Then Samantha, getting the Prince away from Helen, shows him the Sleeping Beauty she conjured up. The Prince falls in love with her and returns to the book to live happily ever after. Samantha then finds Ralph has come to propose to Helen.

Guest cast: William H. Bassett as Prince Charming, Louise Glenn as Helen, Stuart Margolin as Ralph, Robert P. Lieb as the client, Maida Severn as the wife, Steve Woodman as the director, Gerald York as the technical director.

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