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"Snob in the Grass"

Bill Idelson,
Samuel Bobrick
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: Jan. 11, 1968

Darrin, who has been working overtime on the Webbley account, phones he'll be home for dinner because they've switched agencies. Endora scoffs at Samantha's faith in Darrin. Larry feels they can get the J.P. Sommers account instead, because Darrin was once engaged to Sheila Sommers. However, Darrin is afraid of Sheila. Endora spills soup on Darrin when she finds him dining with Sheila, who resumes their romance. Samantha gives Darrin the silent treatment and an inedible breakfast. To placate her, Darrin wants to forego dinner at the Sommers. However, Samantha insists on going so Darrin can meet J.P. Sommers, and she can rise to Sheila's challenge. Darrin makes Samantha promise - no witchcraft. Prepared for Sheila's deceit, Samantha and Darrin, in formal clothes, find everyone dressed for a barbecue. Sheila upstages Samantha, monopolizes Darrin and sounds off on wives who are a drag on their husbands. Determined to get the account, Larry stops Darrin from leaving. Darrin silently signals Samantha, removing his ban on witchcraft. Immediately, Sheila is attacked by a bee. The butler swats at it, disarranging her wig. The dog covers her with paw-prints, unravels her sweater and rips off her pants. Completely undone, Sheila runs off. Next morning, as Samantha apologizes, Darrin feels it was worth losing the account, although Larry is angry. Then Larry praises Darrin for regaining the Webbley account. Samantha smiles innocently.

Guest cast: Nancy Kovack as Sheila, Frank Wilcox as J.P. Sommers, Kendrick Huxham as the butler, Allan Emerson as the man, Sue Carlton as the woman.

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