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"Once in a Vial"

James Henerson,
Ed Jurist
Directed by
Bruce Bilson

Airdate: Jan. 4, 1968

Determined to break up the Stephens' marriage, Endora summons Rollo, a handsome warlock who courted Samantha in the past. Endora seethes when Bo Callahan, a boorish client, asks her to do commercials for his new perfume, designed for the older woman. Endora brings Rollo to dinner and gives him a vial of love potion. Rollo slips some into Samantha's drink, but Endora sips it instead and is immediately smitten with Bo. Bill Waiters, the agency art director, finishes her drink and surprises Harriet, his wife of twenty years by his ardent wooing. Endora decides to marry Bo and takes him to a Justice of the Peace. Samantha can't stop Endora so she works on the J.P., making him mislay his glasses and forget the marriage service. Endora pops Samantha back to her own home, but she takes Bo with her. Endora follows with the J.P. and his wife. As he is about to pronounce Endora and Bo man and wife, the potion wears off. Endora again detests Bo and Samantha pops him back to his hotel. Bill once more takes Harriet for granted. Samantha tells Endora to stop trying to ruin her marriage and that Rollo is too young to be Endora's escort. Rollo waves his arms and ages twenty years.

Guest cast Ron Randell as Rollo, Arch Johnson as Bo Callahan, Henry Beckman as Bill Walters, Darlene Enlow as the girl, Jan Arvan as the maitre d', Mary Lansing as the J.P.'s wife, Frederic Downs as the J.P.

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