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"I Get Your Nannie, You Get My Goat"

Written by

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Dec. 14, 1967

Before meeting Roy Chappel, a prospective client, at the country club, Samantha tells Darrin that her new baby sitter, Elspeth is a witch who was once her nanny. Darrin is upset until Endora arrives and threatens to hex him for displacing her as a baby sitter. Elspeth, a jolly cockney, stops her and wins Darrin over. At the club, Larry warns that Chappel, a self-made man, wants an aggressive executive to handle his account. Endora arrives with Lord Montdrako, an ancient British warlock, Elspeth's former employer. Furious that Darrin has stolen Elspeth, Montdrako gestures at him. Larry has trouble explaining why his hard-driving executive has a rose in his teeth. At home, the Stephens scold Elspeth for not telling them she worked for Lord Montdrako. Elspeth loves the Stephens and plans to stay on with them. At the office, Larry orders Darrin to show his tough side. Again Lord Montdrako gestures and Darrin finds himself in a Lord Fauntleroy suit. When Elspeth refuses to go home with Montdrako, he traps Darrin inside a mirror. Samantha finds that Lord Montdrako is a lonely old man, who needs Elspeth for company. Using magic, Samantha turns Castle Montdrako into a tourist attraction, full of ghostly thrills. Excited by his new business, Montdrako decides he doesn't need Elspeth and frees Darrin from the mirror. Elspeth convinces Chappel that Darrin is a great individualist and he gives Larry his account. Elspeth vanishes as Samantha kisses Darrin.

Guest cast: Hermione Baddeley as Elspeth, Reginald Gardiner as Lord Montdrako, Bern Hoffman as Chappell, Maida Severn as the first lady, Pauline Dranke as the second lady.

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