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"My What Big Ears You Have"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
Richard Kinon

Airdate: Dec. 7, 1967

Darrin decides to surprise Samantha with an antique rocker. Endora overhears Darrin arrange to meet Alice S wanton, the dealer, and tells Samantha he will lie about the call. She casts a spell so that Darrin's ears grow with each lie. Darrin arranges to have the rocker delivered to Gladys Kravitz' home. Gladys becomes annoyed with Abner when he buys a power saw and insists he return it. As Darrin lies about his meeting with Alice, his ears grow and grow. By the time Larry Tate arrives with Grayson, a client, Darrin is wearing a beekeeper's mask to hide his strange appearance. Endora promises to remove the spell if Darrin can give a satisfactory explanation. He leads Endora and Samantha to the Kravitz' garage and shows them a large crate. Darrin opens the crate and finds Abner's saw. Abner saves him by explaining the truckers came for the saw and took the rocker by mistake. Gladys has been nagging Abner about Darrin's "peculiar" ears, so Abner asks Darrin to remove the mask. Endora makes a pass, and when Darrin removes the mask his ears are back to normal. Abner ships poor Gladys back to the psychiatrist. Later, Darrin pretends to lie to Samantha and she is shocked to see his enormous ears. As she calls for Endora, Darrin removes a pair of trick ears.

Guest cast: Joan Hotchkiss as Alice, Myra de Groot as Hazel, Tom Browne Henry as Grayson.

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