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"Solid Gold Mother-in-Law"

Written by
Robert Crutcher
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: Nov. 30, 1967
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

Samantha is shocked to find that Endora has changed Darrin into a pony and persuades her mother to change him back. Endora promises Darrin a present and a large picture of her appears on Darrin's desk at the office. Mr. Hudson, a client with an idealized image of the American family, gushes his approval and asks to meet Endora. Hudson admires Samantha's beauty and is charmed by Endora's flattering attention. Endora maliciously inquires if Larry keeps his mother-in-law's picture on his desk, which sets the Tates quarreling. Disapproving, Mr. Hudson cites the Stephens as an ideal family. He offers to set Darrin up in his own agency to handle the Hudson account. After Hudson leaves, Larry accuses Darrin of deliberately showing him up and fires him. Darrin works up a new campaign, planning to present it to Larry as a peace offering. However, before he leaves, he finds that Larry has had his office furniture sent to the house. Furious, Darrin prepares to take Hudson's offer. However, Samantha takes a hand, and when Darrin reaches the office, all his work bears Larry's signature. Hudson decides to stay with MacMahon and Tate and Larry expresses gratitude to Darrin. When Samantha finds Tabitha on a pony, she is sure it is Darrin again. However, it proves to be Endora, who immediately resumes her quarrel with Darrin.

Guest cast: Jack Collins as Mr. Hudson, Jill Foster as the secretary, Peter Dawson as the truck driver.BR>

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