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" Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds"

Written by
Richard Baer

Directed by
Richard Kinon

Airdate: Nov. 2, 1967

Endora and Tabitha fingerpaint and produce an original Van Gogh. Darrin orders Endora to get rid of it but she can't. Samantha makes the painting disappear and Endora realizes her magic is gone. Samantha summons Dr. Bombay. His diagnosis is that Endora has an allergy to the Macedonian dodo bird. Although it has been extinct for a couple of million years, Bombay insists that Endora has come in contact with one. His cure is to pluck a feather from the bird to use in a magic potion. He adds that Endora's magic may have passed to someone else. When Aunt Clara makes a perfect landing, jubilant over her regained powers, Endora realizes that Aunt Clara now has her magic. Endora becomes a whining invalid, making constant demands on Darrin. She announces she will spend the rest of her life with the Stephens, which sends Darrin to the nearest bar for refuge. Samantha tries to track down the cause of her mother's illness and pops Darrin back home. Then Tabitha comes downstairs, followed by a huge bird she conjured up from a picture book. Dr. Bombay identifies it as a baby dodo and manages to pluck a feather for the potion. As Endora regains her powers, Aunt Clara is stranded on the roof. Samantha and Darrin look forward to a restful weekend but Endora returns, her usual acid self.

Guest cast: Janos Prohaska as the dodo bird, Dick Wilson as the drunk.

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