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"That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife"

Written by
Rick Mittleman

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Nov. 9, 1967
Originally Sponsored by Quaker Oats

Darrin looks forward to a restful weekend but Larry Tate orders him to Chicago to renew the Springer Pet Food contract. To create a favorable image, he asks Samantha to go along and offers a bonus. With some misgivings, the Stephens leave Aunt Clara with Tabitha. The Springers are charmed by Darrin and Samantha. Then Samantha phones and learns Tabitha has brought a toy monkey to life. Samantha pops home and meets Louise Tate. She pops back to Chicago where Springer is just phoning Larry. Since Louise had told him Samantha was at home, Larry apologizes that Darrin's wife couldn't go to Chicago. Springer declares he won't do business with a man who would pass off a strange blonde as his wife. He orders Larry to fire Darrin. Samantha explains what happened to Darrin. He only makes matters worse by explaining Springer met Samantha's cousin at lunch. Larry fires Darrin over the phone and orders him to clear out his desk before Springer arrives from Chicago. Samantha takes Tabitha to a doctor near Darrin's office. Springer observes a pleasant family scene as the doorman greets the Stephens and Tabitha. Springer is confused by Darrin's explanation. However, impressed by his independence, Springer orders Larry to rehire Darrin. Louise is on her way to a psychiatrist but Samantha sets Louise straight by introducing her identical cousin Serena.

Guest cast: Herbert Voland as Mr. Springer, Sara Seegar as Mrs. Springer, Bill Kendis as the man, Arthur Adams as the doorman.

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