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"Out of Synch, Out of Mind"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
Richard Kinon

Airdate: Nov. 2, 1967

Darrin's mother arrives, announcing she has left home because her husband had a red stain on his collar. When Darrin is afraid that one of Samantha's unusual relatives will appear, she assures him that she'll head them off. Then Aunt Clara crashes out of the fireplace. Samantha suggests that Darrin show his home sound movies of Tabitha. Darrin finds the sound and picture don't match. Trying to help, Aunt Clara intones a spell. The movies are fine, but when Samantha's lips move, her voice is heard later. Aunt Clara can't undo the spell and goes to summon Dr. Bombay. Samantha fakes a cold but Darrin's mother insists on nursing her. Mrs. Stephens panics when Samantha gargles and the sound is heard later. When Dr. Bombay pops in and thinks she is the patient, Mrs. Stephens faints. Samantha drinks the potion Dr. Bombay concocts and is cured. As she tells her mother-in-law, green strips appear on Samantha's face. Reacting to her mother-in-law's shock, Samantha looks in the mirror and is shocked too. Impatiently, Dr. Bombay predicts the stripes will gradually fade. Darrin's mother is overjoyed when her husband arrives to take her home. Meanwhile, Aunt Clara, unaware of Samantha's cure, still tries out various spells. She finally finds one, which puts Darrin's voice out of sync.

Guest cast: None.

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