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"Birdies, Bogies and Baxter"

David V. Robinson,
John L. Greene
Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 19, 1967

Larry feels if Darrin impresses Joe Baxter, an avid golfer, MacMahon and Tate will get his account. Darrin wears himself out practicing. Annoyed, Endora makes a pass over his clubs and he begins making fantastic shots. Larry warns him not to get too good. At lunch, as Baxter brags about his game, his wife confides to Samantha that it would do her good if her husband were beaten by a rank amateur. Samantha adds her magic to perfect Darrin's game. Baxter flares up as Darrin beats him at every hole and starts coaching him. Larry frantically tries to make Darrin lose. Then Darrin's ball hits an old tin can, Samantha twitches and the ball goes in the cup. Baxter hurls his clubs into a water hazard. Baxter is happy when Larry fires Darrin. Then Mrs. Baxter, declaring that Baxter's firm is running on her father's money, tells him the account is going to a new firm - the Darrin Stephens Agency. Larry rehires Darrin and Baxter accepts defeat. When Darrin announces he's turning pro, Samantha reveals the truth, To save face, Darrin says he knew, because he never could sink a tin can.

Guest cast: MacDonald Carey as Joe Baxter, Joan Banks as Margaret Baxter, Frank Alesia as the golfer.

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