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"No Zip in My Zap"

Written by
Barbara Avedon

Directed by
Richard Kinon

Airdate: Oct. 12, 1967

Expecting a bonus on an important contract, Darrin asks Samantha to buy cruise tickets. Then Samantha finds she has lost her magic. Endora summons Dr. Bombay. He finds that Samantha' a powers have clogged from disuse and prescribes prolonged levitation. Samantha finds herself floating in mid-air. When Larry Tate reports that M.J. Nilesmunster is expected at the office to sign the contract, Darrin recalls his high school romance with Mary Jane Nilesmunster, who felt he jilted her. Darrin panics because Mary Jane swore revenge. Darrin calls home. Endora tells him Samantha can't come to the phone because she is flying. When a fly bothers him, Darrin decides it's his wife. Since M.J. gives no sign of recognition, Darrin jogs her memory with old high school songs. Getting no response, Darrin feels Samantha is responsible. At home, Darrin accuses Samantha of turning herself into a fly and meddling in his business to insure the bonus. When he learns Samantha has lost control of her magic, Darrin wonders about M.J. again. As Samantha is explaining, the piano plays, the fire roars and a lighter flies around. Distracted Darrin heads for his favorite bar. Later, at her hotel, M.J. having signed the contract, admits she recognized Darrin, but tried to forget her foolish behavior in the past. As they reminisce, Darrin inquires about "Stinky" Wilson. He makes a quick exit as M.J. reveals she is now Mrs. Wilson. Darrin apologizes to Samantha, who is still floating. They look forward to making up when she comes down the next night.

Guest cast: Mala Powers as M.J., Dick Wilson as the drunk, Paul Barselow as the bartender, Jery Margolin as the wise guy.

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