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"Cheap, Cheap!"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Oct. 5, 1967

Although she claims it's a bargain, Darrin wants Samantha to return an expensive coat. Determined to teach her son-in-law a lesson, Endora intones a spell, turning him into a prize miser. At the office, he criticizes his secretary for wasting office supplies. A conference with Mr. Bigelow, who prides himself on frugally, turns into a contest to cut costs. Larry complains that Darrin is losing money for the firm. At home Samantha gets a glimpse of the new Darrin when he turns out lights and complains of household expenses. Samantha suddenly realizes her mother is responsible but can't reach her. Darrin invites the Bigelows and the Tates to an inexpensive meal at his home. When Larry reports Darrin's secretary has quit, he replies that the firm will save money. During the disastrous dinner, Samantha tries to reverse the Her incantation goes awry and she succeeds only in turning Bigelow into a lavish spender. After an argument over a TV show for his company, Bigelow insists Darrin be removed from the account. Endora returns and removes Darrin's spell. He stuns Larry by a generous donation to Bigelow's favorite charity. Samantha triumphs over Endora when Darrin reveals he wanted her to return the coat because he had bought one for her as surprise gift.

Guest cast: Parley Baer as Bigelow, Jill Foster as Miss Schaeffer, Mary Lansing as Mrs. Bigelow.

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