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"Business, Italian Style"

Written by
Michael Morris

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 21, 1967
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

Darrin and Larry plan a campaign with Mr. Arcarius to introduce Chef Romani foods to the American market. Mr. Arcarius feels that Mr. Romani would give the account to MacMahon & Tate if Darrin knew some Italian. Larry implies that Darrin is fluent in the language and orders him to learn Italian immediately. Darrin buys a set of Italian language records. Annoyed by his slow progress, Endora casts a spell. Immediately he speaks like a native; even his English is thickly accented. Samantha is frightened. Then both realize that Endora is at work and shouts for her return to remove the spell. Larry is pleased by Darrin's quick mastery of the language. When Samantha tells him that Darrin now speaks only Italian, he thinks it's a good act. Impressed with Darrin's beautiful Italian, Mr. Romani is sure he's a native. He becomes upset when Darrin insists he's an American. Furious when Darrin seems to be denying his heritage and mocking him, Romani is ready to leave when Endora removes the spell. In perfect English, Darrin convinces Romani that he was proving that the food might be Italian but needs straight American sell. After Darrin's successful campaign, Romani asks him to speak Italian. Darrin is speechless until Samantha twitches her nose. Overcome by his beautiful Italian, Romani asks what province Darrin comes from.

Guest cast: Fred Roberto as Romani, Renzo Cesana as Arcarius.

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