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"Long Live the Queen"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Sept. 7, 1967

Ticheba, Queen of the Witches, decides to abdicate and chooses Samantha as her successor. Dreading Darrin's reaction, Samantha tries to refuse, but Endora insists she must accept the honor. Samantha wins Darrin over and becomes queen. After her coronation, the house is invaded by animals and animated objects, witches and warlocks transformed by Ticheba for minor misdeeds. Their leader, a bird, begs Samantha to pardon them. Because Darrin has an important meeting in the morning, Samantha asks them to return after twelve. Meanwhile, Mr. Rohrbach, a fatherly type, decides to check on Darrin's home life before giving his million dollar account to McMann and Tate. He is voicing his approval of the Stephens when animals and moving objects troop in. Unnerved by an ostrich and a walking chair, Rohrbach exits. When Samantha refuses to abdicate immediately, Darrin decides to wait out her year of office at his favorite bar. There the sad experiences of a stranger who left home and the advice of a philosophic bartender send Darrin home at once. The Stephens have a glad reunion, each willing to yield to the other. Although Samantha accidentally turns Darrin into a honking goose for a time, everything seems to have returned to normal when more animals and objects come for a pardon. Exercising her royal prerogative, Samantha asks them to come back the next night and happily sets to work cleaning up the kitchen. Guest east: Ruth McDevitt as Ticheba, J. Edward McKinley as Mr. Rohrbach, Herb Ellis as the stranger, Paul Barselow as the bartender, Carl Princi as the warlock bird, Mary Foran as the mother witch, Lal Chand Mehra as the warlock.

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