"There's Gold in Them Thar Pills"

Written by
Ed Jurist
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: May 4, 1967

When Samantha tells Endora she can't go shopping unless Darrin's cold gets better, her mother produces Dr. Bombay. Although the doctor protests treating a mortal, he gives Darrin a pill and the cold disappears. When Larry's cold is immediately cured by one of the pills, he sees millions in them, as partner of Mr. Hornbeck, who owns a drug company. Dr. Bombay shows no interest in making a fortune of serving humanity, but intrigued by having his name and picture on bottles in millions of bathrooms, grants Larry and Darrin the right to market his pills. When one of Dr. Bombay's pills produces a miraculous recovery for Mr. Hornbeck, he is happy to take Larry and Darrin in as partners. As Larry plans to buy everything from lavish estates to cabin cruisers, Samantha reveals that Dr. Bombay is a witch doctor. Darrin's voice turns falsetto and Samantha worries that it is a side effect of the pills. She gets the antidote from Dr. Bombay, which is champagne, but everyone's cold returns. While Larry and Darrin blame each other for the fiasco, Hornbeck arrives with his lawyer. Although they are prepared for a law suit, he is eager to make a deal for the cold pills, showing them the luxurious head of hair they have produced on his bald pate.

Guest cast: Milton Frome as Hornbeck, Allen Davis as the lawyer, Mark Harris as the tailor, Stuart Nesbit as the boat salesman, Pat McCaffrie as the realtor.

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