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"Nobody But a Frog Knows How to Live"

Written by
Ruth Brooks Flippen

Directed by
Richard Kinon

Airdate: Apr. 27, 1967

Annoyed when Fergus F. Finglehoff follows her around the park, Samantha twitches him into a pool. He emerges ecstatic that she proved his suspicion she's a witch and demands she change him back into a frog. Samantha explains only the witch who changed him can do that. Darrin is puzzled when Fergus answers the phone but Samantha can't stop him from bringing home guests for cocktails. When Samantha introduces Fergus to Gladys, as a friend of Darrin's, he tells her he's a frog. Gladys runs off screaming and Samantha twitches Fergus back to the pool. He returns and threatens to expose Samantha as a witch unless she helps him. Darrin arrives with his guests, Larry, Louise and Saunders, a soup manufacturer. Gladys drags Abner over to prove Fergus told her he was a frog. Darrin corners Samantha, who explains what Fergus wants her to do. When Fergus upbraids Saunders for making soup out of turtles, Samantha twitches him back to the pool. After their guest leaves, Fergus introduces a little frog as his girlfriend, Phoebe, his main reason for wanting to be a frog again. Darrin suggests that since Samantha can't change Fergus back to a frog, she make Phoebe a human being. She twitches Phoebe into a beautiful girl, but Fergus prefers her the other way. Finding that Fergus paid to be transformed, Samantha knows she can reverse the spell. Fergus and Phoebe choose to be frogs. When Samantha and Darrin have trouble deciding which frog is Phoebe, Gladys screams.

Guest cast: John Fiedler as Fergus F. Finglehoff, Dan Tobin as Saunders, Corin Camcho as Phoebe.

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