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"Bewitched, Bothered and Infuriated"

Written by
Howard Leeds

Directed by
Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: April 13, 1967

Using her fading powers, Aunt Clara gets the next day's newspaper and reads that Larry Tate has broken his leg. Although Larry and Louise are on a second honeymoon and made sure no one knows where they are, Darrin decides he must ward off the accident. Samantha's magic transports them to the Tate's hotel. The manager and the Tates almost go crazy as Samantha and Darrin constantly interpose themselves between Larry and any mishaps that might befall him. Darrin leaves to meet a client. Samantha guards Larry but has to stop at the door of the men's steamroom. Larry at last feels alone, but finds Darrin, alerted by Samantha, under a towel next to him. Larry tells Louise he's had enough of the Stephens, even if it means the end of their friendship. At dinner, Larry explodes and tells Samantha and Darrin it's his first honeymoon, because he broke his leg immediately after the wedding ceremony ten years before. Samantha checks and finds that Aunt Clara's newspaper is ten years old. Samantha pops the Tates back to the morning when they first arrived and makes them forget the whole day. Larry even tells Louise it would be nice to have the Stephens along. When Samantha saves Darrin from an accident, Aunt Clara wishes she had her flair. Suddenly, a lighted flare appears in Aunt Clara's hand.

Guest cast: George Lymbum as the man, Jack Fletcher as the manager.

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