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"How to Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help"

Written by
Ron Friedman

Directed by
Richard Kinon

Airdate: April 6, 1967

Darrin is sure his campaign for Madam Marushka lipstick will earn a bonus. Endora sarcastically remarks that he needs more than mere encouragement. Larry and Darrin hope the lipstick campaign will persuade Archie Wilkerson, the advertising manager, to give them the whole cosmetic account. Endora puts a spell on Wilkerson, so that he is entranced by Darrin but ignores Larry. When Darrin learns what Endora has done, he is furious. At the office, Madam Marushka, a mature, attractive and aggressive business woman, insists that Darrin be made a member of the firm. When she mispronounces his name, Darrin, sure she is Endora in disguise, orders her out. Darrin rushes home to confront Endora. He is in despair when Samantha, always truthful, insists that Endora never left her side. Larry and Darrin plead with Madam Marushka. When she rejects Darrin's apology, they head for the nearest bar. Then Samantha takes a hand. Darrin sees his lipstick ad in a newspaper and finds authorization for an all out campaign. Recognizing Samantha's touch, he declares he's moving out, away from all meddling. Then Larry reports that lipstick orders are pouring in and Madam Marushka wants them to publicize the whole line. Later, Samantha twitches up an extra covering for Tabitha. As Darrin points to his nose, the light goes out. Darrin explains to his puzzled wife that he yanked the plug.

Guest cast: Lisa Kirk as Mme. Marushka, Henry Beekman as Mr. Wilkerson, Jill Foster as the secretary, Myra de Groot as the receptionist, Ralph Brooks as the bartender.

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