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"It's Wishcraft"

Written by
James Henerson

Directed by
Paul Davis

Airdate: March 30, 1967

Worried that Tabitha will make her toys fly around during his parents' visit, Darrin warns Samantha not to leave his parents alone with the baby. When Darrin suddenly finds himself near Tabitha's crib, Samantha reveals that Tabitha can now conjure up people into her presence. Samantha asks her mother to help prevent Tabitha from displaying her powers to Darrin's parents. Endora and Mrs. Stephens dislike each other on sight, and start trading insults. Darrin's father, however, likes Endora. Mrs. Stephens feels there is friction between Darrin and Samantha because Endora keeps her from being alone with Tabitha and shows contempt for Darrin. When Samantha weeps because Endora is making things worse, her mother makes buckets of water douse Darrin wherever he goes. Samantha finally convinces Darrin's parents that all is well with her marriage, and gets Endora to turn off the water showering Darrin. Alone, Tabitha calls her daddy and Darrin finds himself in the nursery, without coming in the front door. Samantha whisks him out of the house to make a normal entrance. Darrin's warm greeting to his mother and father, Endora and Samantha finally calms everything down. When Mrs. Stephens finds toys floating around Tabitha's room, she is convinced her imagination is responsible for all the ideas she had that Samantha and Darrin were not getting along. She insists its only his imagination when her husband reports he saw an apple floating towards Tabitha.

Guest cast: None.

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