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"No More, Mr. Nice Guy"

Written by
Jack Sher

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 23, 1967

Darrin blows up when Endora teaches Tabitha witchcraft. Samantha remarks that everyone but Endora finds Darrin likeable. Endora's magic changes all that. Frank Eastwood comes to the office to create a new image for the mayor. Endora's spell makes him dislike Darrin. Larry is stunned when Eastwood decides he can't give them the account because of Darrin. Gloria Adams, a stunning model, accuses Darrin of making a pass. Horace Baldwin plans an ad campaign for a new blanket. Again Darrin does nothing right and Baldwin stomps out of the office. Telling Darrin that he provokes hostility, Larry advises him to consult Bob Farnsworth, a psychiatrist. Instead, Darrin heads for his favorite bar. When Harry, a barfly, shows his dislike, Max, the bartender, also suggests a psychiatrist. Larry describes Darrin's problems to Samantha and reports he is at the psychiatrist's office. Realizing that Endora is responsible, Samantha, unseen, confuses Farnsworth, who rushes to his own analyst. Samantha makes Endora remove the spell by setting Tabitha against her. All of Darrin's troubles disappear. Later, Darrin is angry, because he didn't know Endora had removed the spell. Trying to offset the spell, he almost became the boob of the year by being a nice guy.

Guest cast Judson Pratt as Eastwood, Larry D. Mann as Baldwin, George Ives as Farnsworth, Judy Lang as Gloria, Dick Wilson as Harry, Paul Barselow as Max, Heather Woodruff.

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