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"Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory"

Written by
Robert Riley Crutcher

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: March 9, 1967
Originally Sponsored by Chevrolet

Soon after Darrin leaves town on business, Mr. Morgan, a domineering client, arrives. Samantha tells Aunt Clara that Morgan is still living in the Victorian Age. Aunt Clara fondly recalls her days as lady-in-waiting to the Queen and tries to return there. Instead, Queen Victoria and her throne pop into the Stephens' living room. When Mr. Morgan demands to meet Samantha because he judges a man by his wife, Larry comes to alert Samantha, and is bewildered by the Queen. Samantha explains she has an aunt who thinks she is Queen Victoria. Larry begs her to keep the Queen out of Morgan's sight. Samantha and Aunt Clara manage to hide the queen for a while, but Morgan finally sees her. He takes it in stride, because he had a cousin who thought he was the Liberty Bell. Although at first they get on famously, Morgan and Victoria finally clash. Larry talks back to Morgan, knowing he is risking a million dollar account. As Morgan prepares to leave, Samantha makes him dream he is Queen Victoria and about to lose his head. He awakens, thoroughly frightened and ready to reform. Aunt Clara has great plans for the Queen and herself and refuses to send her back. Desperate, Samantha reveals that she and Aunt Clara are witches. Victoria is furious and describes the punishment she would have meted out had she known her lady-in-waiting was a witch. Angrily, Aunt Clara tries to make her disappear but Prince Albert appears instead. When she tries to get rid of him, Aunt Clara vanishes herself. Samantha invites the prince to breakfast.

Guest cast: Jane Connell as Queen Victoria, Robert H. Harris as Morgen.

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