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"Charlie Harper, Winner"

Written by
Earl Barrett
Directed by
R. Robert Rosenbaum

Airdate: Mar. 2, 1967
Originally Sponsored by Quaker Oats/Life cereal

Samantha and Darrin await Charlie Harper, who has outdistanced Darrin ever since college. Charlie, handsome, likeable, and now a multimillionaire, has a gorgeous wife, Daphne, and is the father of triplets. Charlie announces he's just bought an agency larger than Darrin's purely for tax purposes. Darrin's ego withers as the evening wears on, although Samantha touts his success. Endora asks Samantha why she didn't marry a mortal like Charlie. The Harpers invite the Stephens for the weekend. Annoyed by Samantha's success with the male guests, Daphne proclaims that Charlie is trying to get Darrin a decent job. Charlie offers Darrin the presidency of his ad agency, but Darrin refuses, saying he's not ready for it. Tired of being upstaged, Samantha twitches up a fabulous mink coat to impress Daphne. Samantha is stunned and Darrin confused when Charlie wants to buy the coat for his wife. Samantha explains to Darrin that she produced the coat to impress Daphne and pay her back for all the unkind things she said about him. Darrin refuses Charlie's offer for the coat but Samantha knows that he is hurt that she used witchcraft to build him up. Samantha gives the coat to Daphne. The Harpers realize she did it out of love for Darrin and return it later. Daphne thanks Samantha for a new set of values and Charlie for giving him a new Daphne. Samantha twitches and the coat disappears.

Guest cast: Angus Duncan as Charlie Harper, Joanna Moore as Daphne Harper, Henry Hunter as Sen. Ross, Karl Redcoff as Count Darvi, Teresa Tudor as the Countessa.

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