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"Trial and Error of Aunt Clara"

Written by
Ed Jurist

Directed by
William Asher

Airdate: Feb. 2, 1967
Originally Sponsored by Quaker Oats

Aunt Clara chooses Samantha to defend her when she goes on trial to decide if she should be banished from the witches' community because she is losing her magic. Larry stops by at the Stephens' home to pick up some papers for Darrin. Practicing basic witchcraft, Aunt Clara tries to levitate a pencil into a desk drawer, just as Larry arrives. The desk, out of Aunt Clara's control, pops out of the room. Samantha gasps when she finds it on the stairs, drawers open, and papers strewn everywhere. While Aunt Clara hastily stuffs papers into the file, Samantha distracts Larry by asking advice about Tabitha's college career. Samantha gets rid of Larry before Judge Bean, Endora, Enchantra and Hagatha arrive for the trial. Darrin finds Larry has brought the wrong papers and goes home. As defense attorney, Samantha asks Aunt Clara to demonstrate her powers and stealthily helps her. When Samantha goes to let Darrin in, Endora orders Aunt Clara to do some conjuring. While Samantha searches for Darrin's papers, Aunt Clara gets confused. Soon she has a polar bear, a team of huskies, and a palm tree in the living room. The judge decides that henceforth Aunt Clara shall be Earthbound. For the last time, Aunt Clara tries a spell. It goes wrong and animals, witches and judge all disappear just before Darrin looks into the living room. Samantha credits Aunt Clara's magnificent mistake for saving her from Darrin's wrath. When the judge reverses his decision, Aunt Clara convinces Samantha that her magic really worked to help someone she loved.

Guest cast: Arthur Malet as the judge, Nancy Andrews as Hagatha, Ottola Nesmith as Enchantra.

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